2019     Degree Show at Royal College of Art,
              London. UK

               Hide and Seek at Fitzrovia Gallerlly,
               London, UK

               Lay with me at Dyson Gallery,
               London, UK

               Reaching for the Horizon II at Dyson Gallery,
               London, UK

               Crossroad at Hoxton 253 art project space,
               London. UK

              Reaching for the Horizon at Courtyard Gallery,
              London, UK

2018     Thumbnails at Hockney Gallery,
               London, UK

              WIP show 2018 at the Royal College of Art,
              London, UK

2017     Throwable, disposable at Hockney Gallery,
              London, UK

              Nakanojo Biennale,
              Nakanojo, Japan.

              Art Fair Malaga,
             Málaga, Spain.

              ModPortrait 4h at European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM).
             Barcelona, Spain

              ModPortrait 4th at Pablo Serrano Museum.
              Zaragoza, Spain

              Going Inland 2 International,
              Tàrrega, Spain

               Fragments at Espacio Gallery,
               London, UK

               Remarquable? at Art Factory Gallery,
              Barcelona. Spain

2016      Emerging Artists at Ateneu Mercantil,
               Valencia, Spain

               Bridge–Crossing & Conversation at Galleria Totem il Canale, 
               Venice, Italy.

               Line of Edge at ART· IN · GALLERY,
               Tokyo. Japan

               Moment at Coningsby Gallery,
               London, UK

               Intimate.projection at Menier Gallery,
               London, UK

               X at CGP Gallery,
               London. UK

2015      La Trasera at University Complutense of Madrid,
                Madrid, Spain

                Ayllon in San Miguel Church,
               Ayllón, Spain

               Emerging artists open call Artevistas Gallery.
               Barcelona, Spain

2014      I Art Fair SanFest,
               Guadalajara, Spain

2011      II Edition Castellón en Arte,
               Castelló, Spain

               25 anys Pinzells at Municipal Historical Archive of Cornellà,
               Cornellà de Llobregat, Spain

               Group exhibition at the seat of the Musical Society “La Unió”.
               Cornellà del Llobregat, Spain


2017      Shortlisted in ModPortrait 4th prize,
               Barcelona, Spain

2015      Shortlisted in Artevistas Gallery open call to New talents,
               Barcelona, Spain

               First Prize in Painting at the Artist Residency Scolarship of Ayllón,
               Ayllón, Spain


2015      Selected work to the permament exhibition at the Contemporary Museum of Art,
               Ayllón, Spain


2017      Nakanojo Residency,
               Nakanojo, Japan

2015      Artist in Residence in Ayllón,
               Ayllón, Spain