Survival Tactics to inhabit a space

An event set at Courtyard Gallery where a group of queer artists could share their writings, performances and video based works related with the topic of utopic fantasy alternatives. A stage to give voice to queer artists, where they read aloud different stories of their own particular utopias, aiming to become a strong recipient of political positioning. We collected all the writings and images and made it into a booklet (Reaching for the Horizon I). This publication was sold as a fund-raising for the new-born London LGBTQ+ Community Centre.

Curated by Lucía de Palau and Luca Asta ( 2019.

The skin of materials as storytellers,
the repetitive gesture of dancing
as a survival tactic to inhabit a space,
holders of something in the state of transformation,
the poetic rythm of becoming utopia in matter.

An alternative possibility,
an encounter with a speculative ontology of materials
and their belonging in fiction.

The fantasy of something else.

The fantasy of elsewhere.

From world to world,
bodies as spaceships.

The utopic poetry of a rythmic material,
fantasy becoming a possibility.

Fantasy becoming body.

(Lucía de Palau, 2019)