Reaching for the Horizon II

A collaborative publication made with a group of queer artists, 2019.

This is the second publication with the same goal as Reaching for the Horizon I.

The aim is to share writings related with the topic of utopic fantasy alternatives as a form of queer resistance. Stories of their own particular utopias.

This publication was sold as a fund-raising for the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre.

Curated by Lucía de Palau and Luca Asta (
Design by Clem (


Yajie Lian, Juanma Samusenko, Jiwon Lee, Luca Asta, Elise Broadway, Lucy Bird, Adrián Peñalver, Leon Pozniakow, Jing Su, Mathis Zhang, Lucía de Palau, Clem Rousset, Robert Bridger.